Throughout “MEAUXGLIT” we are well aware of what is going on with the world and everybody needs to do something to make our planet a better place for everybody living on mother earth.

As a growing brand we want to help, and feel obligated to do something back to the world. So we are glad to tell you about our cooperation with a foundation called “Stichting Wees een Kind” who are not just giving a place to stay but actually providing children without parents, abandoned as foundlings a real home, and even more important a fair chance to build their own bright FUTURE!!

Where kids from every age can develop themselves as they want by giving them clothes, toys, food and everything necessary to fullfill their dreams. It doesn’t matter if they want to become a professional football player or a dentist. Either way we are helping and supporting them in every way possible.


Why supporting a foundation for foundlings?

Because WE think it is very important that every abandoned child born to mother earth deserves to have an equal chance, just like every other human being born on this planet who is fortunate enough to make the best out of this lifetime!

We also know the family who started this foundation and because of their vision and passion to save and help foundlings we are very happy to help where we can in any possible way.


A little word from Nouval Bachdim

Foundation Wees een Kind" is the foundation behind the orphanage/children’s home Wees een Kind in Malang, (East Java). At this moment there are 14 children living in our children’s home.

“Give underprivileged children in Indonesia not only a house but a real home

In the children’s home there is room for 18 children. The children in the children’s home are orphans or are children who do have a father or mother, but due to circumstances their parents are not able to take care of their child. We not only want to give them a place to stay but we want to give them a real home”



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